About Zoe’s Choice

“Zoe’s Choice” is a film about a caring and tense family. Zoe, a beautiful girl who survived a parental abortion, decided to keep her baby after witnessing her cousin’s dying dog cherish his last moments with his owner.


Zoe, a previously survivor of an abortion, faces a similar situation before college graduation to make the decision of to or not to abort her unborn child.

Zoe’s parents reside in California, USA, and are immigrants from Taiwan. When Zoe’s mother was pregnant with her, they were already caring for a four-years old daughter and a sickly one-year old son. Her sudden pregnancy of Zoe made the family not only unprepared, but also worsened the tense family relationship and finances.

The ambitious father Jiang Guosheng felt that the monotonous American family life was a hindrance to his career. He decides to leave the family and returned to work in Asia when Zoe was just four years old. In the absence of her father, she became a rebellious girl. Her ways of dressing and dating styles often brought violent conflicts to this ordinary Chinese family.

Since young, Zoe has witnessed the harsh way her father treated her mother. When Zoe was choosing her own partner, she also fell into and experienced a violent, unhealthy relationship. One day, she found out she was pregnant! Her boyfriend’s family wishes her to abort the child. Zoe also believed that it was a good idea until she witnessed her child’s heartbeats with own eyes during the ultrasonic scan. After listening to the heartbeats of the child, she realized that her baby was a living human being!

With nowhere to turn to, Zoe returns to the side of her mother. The daughter and mother struggled with the decision of whether to abort the child. “Should we abort?” No one will ever know, and Zoe can have a new start and completely disregard this disgraceful past. “Keep it?” How is a girl able to study, work, and care for the child when she hasn’t graduated from college? Let her mom take care of the child? Zoe’s mother has no ability to work, and needs to rely on her husband’s financial support. How would she be able to raise the child? Maybe putting it up for adoption is an option?

During the time they were praying to God for wisdom, Zoe’s cousin Joan’s dog fell sick. This loyal and lovable Golden Retriever, Sunny, is a gift from Joan’s prayers. Sunny’s sickness worsened, and within one week, it became life-threatening. Zoe witnessed that at the end of Sunny’s life, it is still struggling to survive to spent its last moments with its family. After witnessing how Sunny cherishes its life, Zoe couldn’t bear to end the life of an upcoming baby in her womb!

In the days of waiting for labor and preparation for adoption for the baby, Zoe quits her old, bad habits. Zoe sent prayer requests to God, and God answered each and every one of them. After experiencing the delicate care of God, Zoe didn’t realize that her pain from being neglected by her father had been healed. God enabled Zoe to unconsciously stop wearing her thick makeup, change her strange ways of dressing, and reconstruct her broken soul.

Film Purpose

When someone’s life becomes a “burden”, many will believe that as long as it doesn’t break the rules, it is okay to end one’s life. How does one’s life start?? When does it end? During the life time of someone, they are able to experience life to death, happiness and sadness, and leave a legacy. How wonderful is that?! Behind this fulfilling, wonderful life is a all mighty, intelligent God. He created us humans, and allowed us to live our life with creativity and potential. God is the being behind the life of us. He has the power to change life and death. The time our life begins and ends is all in the God’s grasp.

Nowadays, society believes that individuals have the power to choose between life and death. In the face of a life-threatening or incurable disease, some may choose to end their life for a “happy” death. Others may choose to use the method of abortion to end the upcoming life in the womb because of genetic defects, hypoplasia, unmarried pregnancy, or other reasons. Us humans can’t create life, but do we have the right to terminate one’s life?

The main character in the film “Zoe’s Choice”, Zoe has an unmarried pregnancy and faces the decision of whether to abort the child. A sickly, near-death pet dog loves its owner and its life. However, the owner of the dog faces the option of whether to let the dog die a “happy painless” death. During this process, they realized the importance of cherishing one’s life, and also realized that life and death is in the hands of God. They needed to let go of their decisions and let God decide the choice of life and death.

Using this film, “Zoe’s Choice”, audiences will realize the importance of life. Not just that of an unborn baby, but also cherishing their own lives. This allows teenage boys and girls to respect each other’s bodies, commit to marriage, build a family, and create a future generation.

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